About Rian Penrod
Email: rianpenrod@gmail.com 
 Hello! My name is Rian Penrod, and I am currently a student at Kennesaw State University pursuing a BFA in Painting and Drawing. In the future, I plan to be an Illustrator/Storyboard Artist, designing for both freelance and as part of a team for larger projects in movies, television, and/or comics industries. So far in my efforts to reach these goals I have been awarded with the opportunity of Georgia's Governor's Honors Award as a Visual Arts Major, taught at a youth art camp, and worked as a freelance artists completing numerous commissions, including a published book cover and illustrating a graphic novel currently in development.
 I have noticed that my artwork incorporates an interest in emotive subjects. Instead of using figures in my art as characters, I prefer to use them as vehicles to evoke a certain feeling or emotion, propelling a story forward. I believe that it is easier for an audience to visually connect a figure’s body language or facial expression to a specific sensation. Most of my work includes realistic figures in surrealistic environments or situations. These ideas that are impossible or hard to understand fascinate me. Whether they explore the conscious or subconscious mind, most of my recent work connects to my struggle of communicating and interacting socially, with an innate desire to escape anxiety. With the completion of my pieces, despite the possibility of their success or failure, I acquire more knowledge about myself. I can only hope that through this process, others will be able to learn about themselves along the way.

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